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ForecastX™ Wizard

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Handle any business forecasting challenge

The ForecastX Wizard software has been the cornerstone of thousands of successful planning processes. The Wizard combines the world's best statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel, giving forecasters the ideal blend of accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility.

  • Simple Excel platform to simplify data formatting and shorten the learning curve
  • The world's most accurate statistical forecasts in a single click
  • Powerful and versatile reporting to analyze and present forecast results
  • Robust adjustment features to handle changes to the forecast
  • Quick and easy grouping to manage items by family, region, and more
  • Beginning inventory planning to put forecasts into action

The Wizard is part of the Forecast Xpert Toolkit, which offers the education and analysis your company needs to build an effective forecasting process.

Learn to forecast
Analyze your data

Reduce Forecast Percentage error from 13.9%-9.5%

Wells' Dairy has been able to place their confidence in a 90% accurate sales forecast.

"The ForecastX Wizard helps companies define and grow the forecasting process, it’s a great forecasting software product at a great price and worked directly within my spreadsheet."
-- Wells Dairy